First, you apply and receive your acceptance email.


Then you purchase your package.

This will reserve your place in the priority list.

About 1 month before the event, all attendees will begin receiving updates.


10 days prior to the event, everyone receives their request list.  

You'll have 1 week to fill it out.  The weekend before the event, the schedules are made and sent out.

Simply show up and have your meetings.


Now how about some frequently asked questions...


1.  Do I get to see the reviewers I want to meet with?


Yes.  Each attendee will request DOUBLE the reviewers they will meet with. The photographer or illustrator is then matched with the top half of the reviewers based on the order in which they are requested (#1 request is most important...etc.), the number of meetings available for that reviewer, and where in the priority request list the photographer/illustrator falls based on when she purchased her package.

As an example, you may get your #1 & #2 choices, but not your #3. You might get your #4 but maybe not #5...etc.  It just depends on who you request, how often they are attending, and when you purchased your package.


2.  How does the request list process work?

10 days before the event, all photographers or illustrators receive an email w/ a link and login information.  Each person will login and fill out their request list.  The request list process is open for one week.  Dates are announced on an event by event basis.


3.  Does it matter when I complete my request list?

No. as long as it is complete before the deadline. the first-come-first-serve priority is based on when the attendance package is purchased, not when the request list is complete.


4.  How long are the meetings?

In NYC, each meeting is 15 mins. In LA, each meeting is 20 mins.  


5.  What should I bring? Printed Book? iPad? Candy?

All of the above. There is wifi at the studio. Showing your website is always a good idea. Many reviewers love to see beautifully printed portfolios. It's just personal preference.


6.   Do I need to be available for the entire event?  What if I can't make a meeting?

Schedules are based solely on two factors:

1. who you requested.

2. when they can attend.

Unfortunately we cannot take photographers' time request into account.  if there is a meeting you cannot attend, you can give that meeting back and choose from the available meetings. This will not pertain to your request list.


7.  Are there refunds if I get a job and can't attend?

This is a possibility for all the attendees, so we will issue a refund prior to one month from the event.  Once the event is less than a month away, there are no refunds.

If it is within a month of the event and you need to cancel, we will gladly extend you an equivalent credit to a future event.  

Once you have received your schedule, there are no refunds or credits at that point. It's a done deal as they say.