Thank you for sending your book to our portfolio review(s)

We're excited to share your work with the leading creatives in Texas.

Please send your portfolio in a reusable package, with a prepaid return sticker to the studio one week before the event.


Attn: BLVD Portfolio Review
Seth A Smith Studio,
1816 Clarence St., Dallas TX 75215

AUSTIN (if you’re sending your book to Dallas too, we’ll transport it between the events)

Attn: BLVD Portfolio Review
Austin Compound,
705 W. St. John Ave, Austin TX 78752


Attn: FotoWorks Portfolio Review
EDGE Studios and Grip,
1388 S Longwood Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019


Attn: BLVD Portfolio Review
Location TBA


Attn: FotoWorks Portfolio Review
Go Studios,
245 W 29th St., New York, NY 10001

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